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The Second Amendment and its Effects on Society - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 2225 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/03/20 Category Society Essay Level High school Topics: Gun Control Essay Second Amendment Essay Did you like this example? In 2017, there was a total of 346 mass shootings. Around 11,000 people die from gun violence in the United States each year. Even after shootings took place at school nothing was done to restrict people’s access to guns. One amendment, the second amendment, makes it very difficult to stop unsafe people from buying guns. The second amendment was written by our founders. The purpose was to make sure that we never had a standing army. Instead, they wanted us to have a militia made up of everyday citizens. They believed that if we had a standing army we would never be free because the army would do anything the president asked. The army might turn on the citizens, so our founders wrote the second amendment. Over time it has changed because we didn’t have to worry about having a standing army. Now citizens claim it protects their right to keep a gun in their home and take it with them. Some use those guns to hunt and others use them to protect themselves against others. But what about the people who use guns to hurt others? Congress has ruled that banning handguns or requiring guns to be trigger locked or disassembled violates the 2nd amendment. But Congress also decided the amendment was only keeping the national government from restricting gun ownership. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Second Amendment and its Effects on Society" essay for you Create order One way to stop mass shootings from happening so often is repealing the second amendment. But there are many ways we can fix the laws without repealing the second amendment. We can ban handguns or prohibit concealed carry. Another idea is to require background checks or forbid anyone under 21 from buying a gun. The government can red flag buyers who might be dangerous, and it can limit the number of firearms a person can own. They can also prohibit mentally unstable citizens and felons from buying guns. The United States can use the ideas of many other countries to find the right balance of gun regulations. Japan typically has less than ten gun-related deaths per year. To maintain their low gun deaths their citizens have to prove they are responsible enough to own a gun. If you want to own a gun in Japan you must pass a written test after attending an all-day class. You also need to attain at least a 95% accuracy during a shooting range test. The hospital will give you a mental health evaluation, and the government will perform a background check and interview friends and family. Once you pass these tests you will be able to own a shotgun or air rifle, but you will have to retake the class and exam every three years. In Norway, the number of fatal shootings in the past nine years was less than the number of fatal police shootings in a day in the United States. The government goes to great lengths to build trust between the citizens and the police officers through community police officers. Also, the police officers in Norway rarely carry guns. In the United Kingdom, citizens are required to register their weapons and handguns and semi-automatic firearms are banned. In Israel, most citizens serve in the military but after serving they have to follow the civilian gun laws. Assault weapons are banned and citizens must register their guns. To become licensed, the applicant must be an Israeli citizen, at least 21 years old, and speak at least a little Hebrew. Applicants also need a good reason to own a firearm, such as hunting or self-defense. While writing this paper I have gained an opinion on the topic of gun control. I realize many think that any and all forms of gun control violate their second amendment right, but I think, because of the number of shootings the United States has seen recently, we need to make some changes. We need to make sure people who are mentally unstable or felons cannot get guns. People should have to give a good reason to own a gun and they shouldn’t be able to stockpile guns. All semi-automatic guns and handguns should be banned. Before obtaining a gun, the applicant should take a course on how to use the gun and go through a background test. The applicant should also be twenty-one or older. Too many people have died from gun use, we need to put precautions in place so that we don’t have to see another shooting in our country. on gun violence and gun control have been stronger than ever. Sparking this great debate involves the gun grabbers and the gun nuts who work endlessly to enforce stricter gun laws or to abolish the second amendment and citizens rights to bear arms. Both sides agree that there is a gun problem: the United States has the highest rate of firearm suicide and homicide among industrialized countries. An estimated 34,000 Americans die from gunshot wounds per year (Kaplan Geling). The two sides have philosophically contradictory solutions to the problem, a divide that is only widened by emotionally charged stories of gun violence like in Aurora, Colorado and Newton, Connecticut. Gun grabbers think the gun problem should be solved by taking away all guns, thus making gun regulation an important step in ensuring Americans safety. Gun nuts believe the opposite, arguing that gun ownership is a preventative factor for gun violence. If everyone had a firearm, people would be able to defend themselves, and criminals would be less likely to commit gun crime out of fear of being shot in the process (Winkler 76). The U.S. Constitution promises that t he government will protect U.S. citizens and their natural born rights. The Bill of Rights explicitly states U.S. citizens unalienable rights, one of which is the right to bear arms. The second amendment states A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. (Winkler, A. (2011). The government shouldnt induce more gun control, if they do so, then the government would be infringing upon the second amendment, failing to properly address violence, and infracting upon the freedom to own guns for hunting and sport. An increase in gun control will not solve the violence issues although people insist it will. However, criminals already obtain guns illegally. Guns dont kill people, people kill people. Its time we explore new solutions to this problem such as better mental health awareness, instead of imposing stricter gun laws. Gun Grabbers tend to want all handguns banned although in reality thats unlikely vs the gun nuts who wish to solve Americas gun issues with guns. During a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises on July 20, 2012, a mass shooting occurred inside the Century 16 Movie Theater located in Aurora, Colorado that resulted in 12 fatalities.( A short five months another mass shooting occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14th that killed 28 people. (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2012) In my personal opinion, Im all for supporting the Second Amendment that protects the U.S. citizens rights to possess firearms for lawful purposes such as self-defense within a citizens home and anywhere in public that legally allows you to open carry. The real question is, can these arguments over gun control reach a reasonable solution to what seems like an endless problem? When I go back and think of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, if there had been guns for trained security on staff or police men for the schools defense, the amount of those innocent lives killed could have been significantly reduced. As Adam Lanza entered the building with his evil intentions known, someone trained and armed could have had the ability to stop him from opening fire at the school. Gun control laws should be loosened up a bit because not only do they violate the Constitution/ citizens rights, decrease protection, and it is proven that gun control laws only result in more mass shootings and defenseless people have to suffer because of it resulting in losing their life due to a senseless act. Imagine the many student who went to school that morning thinking it would be just another normal school day to learn, imagine parents not knowing the morning of December 14,2012 would be the last time they got to see their sweet and innocent ch ildrens faces before sending them off to school that morning. The staff on hand had practiced drills not too long before the incident but was that enough? Although the staff was able to shelter in place saving some lives, unfortunately it wasnt good enough. This mass shooting resulted as one of the deadliest shootings in history. Gun grabbers may have thought, ok, we should ban all guns if so, what more couldve been done in a situation like this? If you take guns away would the school have enough funding to install metal detectors in all entrances of the school? Would the school have enough funding for a better security system such as all doors automatically lock at a certain time and will not be unlocked unless someone authorized inside of the school gave them access to enter the facility? Could the school afford to hire security and police officers to be on campus grounds to be able to call for immediate help and maybe have had a better chance of not allowing the intruder further into the school? Or, would gun nuts push the issue and say, Yes, lets train and educate school staff on how to open carry to be able to defend themselves and the individuals at the school. If someone would have been armed and near the school entrance when Adam arrived, there would have been a much better chance of taking him down as soon as he stepped foot on the property instead of him making his way through the halls and taking the lives of innocent children and staff members. In The District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court case found the Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975 unconstitutional, this influenced individuals right to keep and bear arms for self-defense of the Second Amendment. This particular court played a huge role in giving the U.S. citizens their natural born right to bear arms for the use of self-defense in the privacy of their own home or in approved areas outside their residence. The Heller case is in fact the first court case that defined who can own guns for self-defense. This case revolved around the Second Amendment in the U.S. Constitution and what it means. I favor the legislation in the Heller court case. For instance in making these situation better drastic measures need to take place in which in most cases, making it harder for individuals to have access to guns. By these drastic measures Im talking about enforce the following: We should make gun owners safer, with comprehensive gun safety education, universal backg round checks and age limits for purchases. Fingerprint scanners or other technology can restrict a guns usage to its proper owner. Guns can be made safer with elements that limit the number of rounds fired per second. (Webber, 2018) Five states have red flag laws that allow a judge to issue an extreme risk protection order that temporarily restricts a person from owning a gun if family, household members and police can convince them theyre a danger. Gun safety groups say they hold the potential to reduce suicide rates and contain potential violence early on.(Sarlin, 2018) These are just a few ideas on ideas that states have already started enforcing in helping reduce mass shooting and preventing mentally unstable individuals access to guns. In conclusion, not only does the US have more guns than any other country in the world, it also has far more gun deaths than any other developed nation (Lopez 2017). The United States has nearly six times higher of a rate of gun homicide than most countries today. They all point to one fact: Gun control does work to save lives. Last year, researchers from around the country reviewed more than 130 studies from 10 countries on gun control for Epidemiologic Reviews. This is, for now, the most current, extensive review of the research on the effects of gun control. The findings were clear: The simultaneous implementation of laws targeting multiple firearms restrictions is associated with reductions in firearm deaths (Lopez 2017). The study did not look at one specific intervention, but rather a variety of kinds of gun control, from licensing measures to buyback programs. Time and time again, they found the same line of evidence: Reducing access to guns was followed by a drop in deaths re lated to guns. And while non-gun homicides also decreased, the drop wasnt as quick as the one seen in gun-related homicides † indicating that access to guns was a potential causal factor (Lopez 2017). The problem with the guns and gun violence in America is it is way too easy now-a-days to get access to guns rather it be buying it off the street illegally or purchasing it from a family or friend. Stricter access to guns could help reduce the rates of homicide in our country today. With that being said, guns tend to be a factor in most cases of violence but they clearly arent the only factor. Other factors include being under the influence of alcohol and drugs, robbery, poverty and mental illness.

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A Critical Examination of the Werturteilsstreit Free Essay Example, 3000 words

In the above article, Willis identifies a variety of economic issues that have come to the surface as and when decisions were made. In the same article, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Kenneth D. Lewis of the Charlotte, A North Carolina bank made reference to deteriorating credit quality. Weber s perspectives on extrascientific influences in social sciences and related empirical analysis have invariably eluded the larger issue of transcendentalism. From theoretical value judgments to practical ones there is a process of transformation which involves both a dynamic characteristic and a value-based logical premise. Judgmental reasoning processes do not necessarily go with logical coherence; neither do they seek to justify a priori reasoning as a precondition for such argumentative postures. Weber s analysis based on theoretical Wertbeziehung barely goes beyond the purely theoretical aspectual perimeter and thus obviously stops short of meeting the coterminous Werturteil. The economic science as such does not encourage analysts to come to conclusions that have been influenced by value judgments (Gerth and Mills, 1958). In other words, normative economics is just there in the theoretical domain for the study by those who are interested in it. We will write a custom essay sample on A Critical Examination of the Werturteilsstreit or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page However, Oakes (2003) for instance places emphasis on value relevancies for value judgments which cannot be construed as true in the social sciences in which conflicts are less likely unless interpreted as conflicting paradigms .

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The Sociological Reactions to the Return of Vietnam Veterans Free Essays

The Sociological Reactions to the Return of Vietnam Veterans Upon their return from the Vietnam War, many veterans were shocked upon the reaction (or lack thereof) displayed by the citizens of the States who had remained on the home front. When finally landing back on American soil, many veterans expected to be greeted with celebration and maybe even a parade, acknowledging their service and dedication to the Vietnam cause. However, veterans were instead greeted by protestors who did not agree with the United States’ participation in the war (ironically, not all veterans wholly supported the cause itself, but instead went out of respect and devotion to their country). We will write a custom essay sample on The Sociological Reactions to the Return of Vietnam Veterans or any similar topic only for you Order Now In an article written by Vietnam veteran Bill Hunt, it is clear to see that not only were strangers hostile towards veterans, but even friends and family treated the returning soldiers with annoyance, anger, or at the best, apathy. He states that it felt like family members had not even known he was at war; they reacted to his return much like one would react to someone returning from the grocery store: with just a casual hello, disregarding the danger and the high level of devotion that had been experienced. Hunt’s family barely acknowledged that he had ever even gone to war. The experiences of Vietnam vets were simply viewed as a part of every-day life. The war was not even taken seriously by many people, and veterans (specifically Hunt) were appalled by the flippant and insensitive (though innocent and thoughtless) comments made by others, family included. To the vets, it had been a hellish experience, and many experienced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and many became dependent on drugs and alcohol to get through the psychological after-effects of being involved in such stressful and torturous circumstances. However, appallingly, many were unable to get the help they needed. Medical aid was not made available to them right away, and a shocking percentage of Americans viewed them as crazy and dangerous to society. Some even thought that the veterans deserved their psychological conditions. Suicide became increasingly common as many veterans experienced completely unfounded hatred and degradation. Part of this is due to the younger generation, which had begun the hippie movement. The ideas of â€Å"peace† and â€Å"love† were emphasized. Because of this, many returning veterans were greeted with shouts of â€Å"baby killer† and other completely untrue and offensive things. They were also given stereotypes of overarching drug use. Additionally, television was available to households for the first time. Because of this, there was no watering-down or censorship of the conditions of the Vietnam War. Many veterans were portrayed incorrectly and much confusion was experienced by the public due to mixed messages. Regardless of the cause, the fact remains that the Vietnam veterans are one of the most unjustly maligned groups of people in American history. The war was politically unpopular and many veterans were accused of a lack of dedication and â€Å"not fighting hard enough†. The disrespect that had been shown towards these veterans was and still is disgusting: regardless of whether or not one agrees with the cause, it is inexcusable that these veterans were not commended for their sacrifice. Comparison to The Return of a Private and Currently Returning Veterans The Return of a Private How to cite The Sociological Reactions to the Return of Vietnam Veterans, Essay examples

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Entrepreneurship Effective communication style

Question: What is your favorite business and why? and highlight, in your opinion, what makes the business special. Answer: Restaurant is my favorite business. Owning a restaurant seems like a glamorous business. According to Ryu et al. (2012), successful restaurants can achieve a measure of fame and fortune. There are some specific benefits of restaurant business. They are mentioned below: It has been found that eating places always have high demand. According to Kwok and Yu (2013), restaurants that provide good foods and service always remain loaded with customers. Owners can earn millions from a restaurant if they are able to execute every little thing properly. Owners have to give less effort to get finance to open a restaurant. There are numerous banks and traders available in the market, which are ready to help a person to open a restaurant. Ryu et al. (2012), stated that as the revenue stream of restaurants always remain high hence; they do not find any problem to gather finance for the business operation. Availing different category of food products and beverages can make a restaurant business more successful. For example, kids and youngsters prefer to eat fast foods. While on the other hand traditional foods are more preferred by elderly people. Hence a combination of both fast foods and traditional foods can make a restaurant more popular and profitable. It has been found that restaurant owners always have the opportunity to get in touch with some high profile and enjoy luxurious life style. Kang and Hyun (2012), stated that restaurants can be located anywhere in the marketplace such as beside cinema halls, shopping malls, schools, collage and offices. The management team of a restaurant has to analyze the market properly and needs to develop food products in accordance to the market demand. For example, fast food restaurants are more profitable beside office and collage areas. On the other hand, restaurant owners can think to add bowling court and gaming parlor beside restaurant business in order to attract kids and their parents who come in the shopping mall. All these advantages of a restaurant business instill self confidence in a person who is trying to initialize a restaurant. Restaurant business is special because it is peoples business. If a person likes to meet public then he or she may try to develop this kind of business (Heung Gu, 2012). The owner also has to take care of the welfare of the servers, chef and waiters so that they can perform efficiently. Reference list Heung, V. C., Gu, T. (2012). Influence of restaurant atmospherics on patron satisfaction and behavioral intentions.International Journal of Hospitality Management,31(4), 1167-1177. Kang, J. Hyun, S.S., (2012). Effective communication styles for the customer-oriented service employee: Inducing dedicational behaviors in luxury restaurant patrons.International Journal of Hospitality Management,31(3), pp.772-785. Kwok, L., Yu, B. (2013). Spreading social media messages on facebook an analysis of restaurant business-to-consumer communications.Cornell Hospitality Quarterly,54(1), 84-94. Ryu, K., Lee, H. R., Gon Kim, W. (2012). The influence of the quality of the physical environment, food, and service on restaurant image, customer perceived value, customer satisfaction, and behavioral intentions. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,24(2), 200-223.

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english Essays (486 words) - Misconduct, Scientific Misconduct

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U.S. States Named After Kings and Queens

U.S. States Named After Kings and Queens Seven of the  U.S. states are named after sovereigns  - four are named for kings and three are named for queens. These include some of the oldest colonies and territories in what is now the United States and the royal names paid tribute to the rulers of either France and England. The list of states includes Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. Can you guess which kings and queens inspired each name? The 'Carolinas' Have British Royalty Roots North and South Carolina have a long and complicated history. Two of the 13 original colonies, they began as a single colony  but were divided shortly after because it was too much land to govern. The name Carolina  is often attributed as an honor of King Charles I of England (1625-1649), yet that is not entirely true.   What is fact is that  Charles is Carolus in Latin and that inspired Carolina. However, the French explorer, Jean Ribault first called the region Carolina when he tried colonizing Florida in the 1560s. During that time, he established an outpost known as Charlesfort in what is now South Carolina. The French King at the time? Charles IX who was crowned in 1560. When the British colonists established their settlements in the Carolinas, it was shortly after the 1649  execution of  King Charles I of England and they retained the name in his honor. When his son took over the crown in 1661, the colonies were also an honor to his rule. In a way, the Carolinas pay tribute to all three King Charles. 'Georgia' Was Inspired by a British King Georgia was one of the original 13 colonies that became the United States. It was the last colony established and it became official in 1732, just five years after King George II was crowned King of England. The name  Georgia  was clearly inspired by the new king. The suffix -ia  was used often by the colonizing nations when naming new lands in honor of important people. King George II did not live long enough to see his namesake become a state. He died in 1760 and was succeeded by his grandson, King George III, who reigned during the American Revolutionary War. 'Louisiana' Has French Origins In 1671, French explorers claimed a large portion of central North America for France. They named the area in honor of King Louis XIV, who reigned from 1643 until his death in 1715. The name  Louisiana  begins with a clear reference to the king. The suffix  -iana  is often used to refer to a collection of objects in regards to the collector. Therefore, we can loosely associate  Louisiana  as a collection of lands owned by King Louis XIV. This territory became known as the Louisiana Territory and was purchased by Thomas Jefferson in 1803. In total, the Louisiana Purchase was for 828,000 square miles between the Mississippi River and the  Rocky Mountains. The state of Louisiana formed the southern border and became a state in 1812. 'Maryland' Was Named After a British Queen Maryland also has an association with King Charles I yet, in this case, it was named for his wife.   George Calvert was granted a charter in 1632 for a region east of the Potomac. The first settlement was St. Marys and the territory was named Maryland. All of this was in honor of Henrietta Maria, queen consort of Charles I of England and daughter of King Henry IV of France. The 'Virginias' Were Named for a Virgin Queen Virginia (and subsequently West Virginia) was settled by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1584. He named this new land after the English monarch of the time, Queen Elizabeth I. But how did he get Virginia  out of Elizabeth? Elizabeth I was crowned in 1559 and died in 1603. During her 44 years as queen, she  never married and she earned the nickname of the Virgin Queen. That is how the Virginias got their name, but whether the monarch was true in her virginity is a matter of much debate and speculation.

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Animals as source for human organ transplants Case Study

Animals as source for human organ transplants - Case Study Example The issue mainly relates to problems associated with xenotransplantation. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the problems raised and discuss whether the problems raised concern me or not. The paper will also explain the main ethical approach groupings that are most influential in my thinking about the case and the consequences most important to me regarding the case. Xenotransplantation prospect is associated with public health issues. It is reported that xenotransplantation is capable of transferring some risks to the wider society (Patel and Rushefsky 103). The major concern is that xenotransplantation is capable of transmitting infectious agents, like viruses from animals to human beings. It is noted that retroviruses are the major concerns since there exist several examples of such viruses moving from one species and becoming infectious in another. It is also noted that retroviruses fails to show signs of the disease at its initial stages (Institute of Medicine 42). Therefore, in case transplant patients become infected with a retrovirus, then the virus would be capable of spreading to the patient’s family, close contacts, carers and the entire population before it can be established that the infection has occurred (McLean and Williamson 43). The widespread introduction of xenotransplantation has cost implications to the health care system. Opponents of Xenotransplantation argue that the procedure would displace other methods, which are perhaps more worthwhile (McLean and Williamson 43). Therefore, the procedure should not be embraced. Institute of Medicine note that the argument is based on the fact that survival rate for xenograft recipients has been poor (42). As such, early recipients are the one being used as subjects of experiment for this technological development. Some of the issues raised with regard to the case concern me while others do not. The ones that concern me